Swagelok Central Ontario & Atlantic Canada
"We have been sourcing high quality actuator assemblies to mate with Swagelok valves for the last 5 or 6 years. I have found the product to be high quality and the service from the team at Hanbay has been excellent in answering any questions that we may have and help us find solutions that we were unaware of."

- Ron Raaflaub, Manager, Swagelok Central Ontario & Atlantic Canada
Swagelok Central Ontario, Swagelok Atlantic Canada

"Initially Instrowest sourced just a couple of Hanbay’s small actuators to help us solve chemical dosing problems for some of our long term customers. We found these controllers to be perfect for our client’s needs, as the actuators offer extremely smooth, accurate and precise, trouble free operation. Now, after great results and happy customers, we have installed them at a dozen or so sites in Western Australia and elsewhere nationally. Hanbay has built a very handy device that is perfect for dosing at very low flow rates. It's accurate and easy to set up and use, giving our clients greater control over the system."

- Andrew Frankham, Sales & Business Development Instrument Technician, Instrowest
Case Study: Nickel Concentrator Plant
Case Study: Lithium Processing Plant

Spot Zero Reverse Osmosis
"We've incorporated Hanbay's compact actuators into our new reverse-osmosis systems truly giving us a competitive edge in the desalinating industry. We are extremely satisfied with their custom products and customer service."

- Benjamin Koppenhoefer, President, Spot Zero
Spot Zero

"After several months of searching for a product to meet the installation code, we finally found a Hanbay product that met our expectations. Since then, we have been working for almost a year with Hanbay. We would like to highlight the quality of the products offered by Hanbay."

"Après plusieurs mois de recherche d’un produit afin de rencontrer le code d’installation, nous avons finalement trouvé un produit Hanbay qui répondait à nos attentes. Depuis, nous travaillons près d’un an avec Hanbay. Nous tenons à souligner la qualité des produits offerts par Hanbay."

- Mathieu Faucher, Engineer, Pro-Par

Isolate Extraction Systems
"The Hanbay actuator has done the job for us in a critical application. After doing engineering for 30+ years in all sorts of industries, I value tech support and a manufacturer's knowledge of their product even more than simply getting the job done. Hanbay provided real answers to the real problems that developed in our application. That part of the deal is invaluable to Isolate Extraction Systems, as Hanbay's willingness to share their insights was instrumental for a successful outcome. A true team effort.. Thank you Hanbay."

- Chris Farnworth, Director of Engineering, IES
Isolate Extraction System

P38 Energy Inc
"P38 Energy Inc customers expect nothing but the best products and service for their propane systems. Hanbay’s fail safe valve actuators provide durability, long service life and of course value all the while adhering to the highest safety standards in our industry."

- Guy Marchand, President, P38 Energy Inc
P38 Energy Inc

Motion & Flow Control Products
"As a Parker distributor we value the fact that Hanbay works closely with many of the Parker divisions to help with their valve actuation requirements. We have recently picked up the line and like the fact that we can adapt an actuator to any valve or regulator regardless of the type. Lastly, our customers like the compact profile and high torque values that these actuators provide."

- Bryan Johnson, Instrumentation Product Manager, Motion & Flow Control Products
Motion & Flow Control Products

Integrity Municipal Systems LLC
"I appreciate Hanbay actively working to help correct issues that we see in the field. Not many places do that and it just reconfirms that we made the right decision to use your products."

- Kyle Lindberg, Engineering Manager, Integrity Municipal Systems LLC
Integrity Municipal Systems LLC