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Enclosure: Standard enclosure
Valve Type:
Valve Part Number:
Pressure:  PSI
Valve Data Sheet:
Actuator User Manual:
Control Settings
Analog (4...20mA or 1...5V)
Modbus (RS485)
Ethernet/IP (Under Development)
TTL (discrete positioning)

Standard Aluminum enclosure 0
Stainless-Steel enclosure
Manual Override
Class I Div I Groups B,C,D
(CSA and IECEx rated)
Manual Override with Class I Div I Groups B,C,D
(CSA and IECEx rated)
Feedback Options
Integrated Feedback
(5V, 24V or 0V Feedback options)

Other Features
110/220 VAC Power 0
Battery Backup (24VDC or 110VAC required) 0
Isolated Input
"Turck" pre-wired connector + cable
Mounting Kit

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