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Hanbay is known for it's great customer service, after-sales and technical support. Our engineers and technicians are always on standby for troubleshooting and to answer your questions. Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further support.

  • What information do I need to provide to specify an actuator?

    First provide us with a brief explanation of your application or what you are trying to achieve. Ideally we will need your valve type, size, end connections, environmental conditions of installation site and CV value. If you are unsure what the CV value of your valve is, contact us directly or refer to the Hanbay valve calculator on our website.
  • What is the lead time of Hanbay actuators?

    Typical lead time is 3 to 4 weeks; all of our actuators and mounting kits are custom built to order. This is also the time it takes for us to source the valve (or for you to ship us the valve), to assemble, program and test.

    2 week, 1 week, or next day expedite options are also available based on order type, quantity and valve availability.
  • Where are your actuators made?

    Our actuators are made at our manufacturing facility in Montreal, Canada. We assemble, machine, program and test in house to ensure the highest quality standard. All parts that are outsourced are checked for quality when they arrive at our facility.
  • Can I buy direct from Hanbay or do you have any distributors?

    We currently do not have any distributors. Hanbay prefers to work directly with customers and buying direct from Hanbay is the most economical option. Orders can be placed through our office in Montreal, Canada or through our American branch in Virginia Beach.
  • How long will the actuators last?

    Hanbay actuators are tested for 250,000 cycles and consistently last over a decade. In the rare event that a Hanbay actuator fails after the warranty period we can usually repair and return the actuator back into service for a low cost.
  • What is the warranty on the actuators?

    Hanbay actuators have a full warranty for 1 year after the date of purchase.
  • Is tech support included in my actuator purchase? For how long?

    Yes tech support is included at no additional cost for the life time of your actuator. Hanbay is known for its great customer service, after-sales and technical support. Our engineers and technicians are always on standby for troubleshooting and to answer your questions. We take pride in our customer service and our ability to help our customers. Contact us for your immediate needs.
  • What control signals can be used with Hanbay actuators?

    4..20mA / 1-5V analog signal for precise control of our multi-turn actuators.
    Modbus (RS485) protocol can be used for both modulating and on/off control.
    TTL (discrete positioning) is used for on/off control of our quarter-turn actuators.

    For additional information on control signals refer to our user manuals.
  • How do I wire a Hanbay electric actuator?

    Our electric actuators come with a Turck 5 or Turck 6 pre-wired connector and a 20' cable. The cable can be cut to the length required and connected according to the wire color schematics found in the user manuals. If your application requires a longer cable Hanbay can source that for you as well. Wire connections differ based on your actuator control type.

    For certified Class I Div I Groups B,C,D explosion proof actuators, Turck connector and cable are not included; wiring needs to be done at installation site to assure compliance to hazloc standards.
  • What is the temperature rating on your actuators?

    -40…65 degree C for our regular M-Series actuator as well as our explosion proof R-Series model. Please refer to the spec sheets for additional information.
  • Why is it that when we command the unit to go to 4mA the actuator keeps turning?

    This behaviour is perfectly normal, Hanbay actuators have a special feature that will reset the home position every time the valve is fully closed (assuming 4mA = closed). By doing this it takes into account normal wear and tear of the seat of the valve over time and allows for optimal closure on every shutoff.
    *Note: this behaviour will be hardly noticeable when a valve is mated to the actuator, nor will it effect the performance of the valve.
  • Do Hanbay electric actuators have fail-safe functions?

    Yes, we offer an explosion proof electric actuator with spring return, electronic thermal cutoff and fusible link. We also offer a battery back-up fail-safe option on all of our actuator models. Visit our fail-safe actuators page to view the options.

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