February 18, 2022

Fig 1. Standard mounting kit comprised of a drive lever, mounting plate, stand offs, spacers, set screws, and socket cap screws
Since 2004, Hanbay’s compact and precise electric valve actuators have been mounted on hundreds of different valve types, models and brands. This has been possible because of Hanbay’s innovative and customizable mounting kit. Being able to successfully automate any valve, up to around 1000 in-lbs of torque, is what sets Hanbay apart from other electric actuator manufacturers. The ability to use one device that can control a multitude of valves revolutionized the valve actuator industry.

Hanbay’s Universal Mounting Kit

Nowadays many instrumentation valves come standard with an ISO 5211 (the International Organization for Standardization) mounting pad. This mounting interface is compatible with most standard actuators, allowing them to be installed directly on the valve without using a bracket or coupling. However, what happens when you need a valve that does not feature a mounting pad? This is where we can help.

Sourcing the Valve
Fig 2. (left) ball valve without ISO 5211 mounting pad and (right) ball valve with ISO 5211 mounting pad.

Before we get to the fun part of custom designing a mounting kit, our team of engineers and technical sales specialist will help you find the perfect valve for your application. First, we need to determine key variables in your process: the pressure rating, pressure drop, media, temperature, environment, Cv, desired flow rate, how the valve will be used (shut off or modulating) and duty cycle. Once this is established, we can start to look for a valve most compatible with all of your requirements. In this phase we are assessing the valve dimensions, stem design, torque range, and other specs to evaluate the feasibility and estimated time frame of designing a mounting kit if an ISO mounting pad is not available. Going through the valve specs in detail also helps determine the correct actuator model, power level, and gear stages needed for optimal valve automation.

Customizing the Mounting Kit

Fig 3. Custom mounting kit styles (left to right) sandwich, integrated manufacture mounting bracket, high temperature mounting kit.
In the event the valve you need does not feature the ISO 5211 mounting kit, the designing and building of the custom mounting kit takes place at Hanbay’s Canadian manufacturing facility. We first start by taking measurements of the stem diameter and travel distance (from fully closed to fully open), to build the adapter. Once the design phase is complete and a 3D drawing is rendered, we use our 3D printer to build parts and start testing. After a few tweaks and modifications, when the design is finalized, we have the parts manufactured for assembly. For a custom mounting kit design, the time frame from start to finish typically ranges from 4-8 weeks (after receiving the valve). For standard valves with ISO 5211 mounting pad standard delivery is 3-4 weeks, with next day or 1-2 week expedite options available (depending on valve availability). For any type of valve, whether you have a mounting pad or not, whether you have it in hand or need us to source it, contact us and we’ll help you get it automated.