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Contact Us | Tel.: 1 800 315 4461







Partnumber: - 0 0 0 A B - -

Valve Type:

Valve Part Number:


Pressure: psi


Valve Data Sheet:

Actuator Data Sheet:

Total Price: 0


Customize your Actuator

Control Settings
Analog (4..20mA or 1..5V)
Modbus (RS485)
Ethernet/IP (Under Development)
TTL (Digital Input)
Feedback Options
Integrated Feedback 0
Standard Aluminum case 0
Manual Override
Class I Div I Groups B,C,D housing (Xproof)
Other Features
Isolated Input
"Turck" pre-wired connector + cable with plug
Mounting Kit



About Us

Established in 1986, Hanbay is a manufacturer of miniature electric valve actuators that can be customized for any application, in any industry.

Hanbay’s electric valve actuators provide precise positioning, with the highest torque, resulting in accurate flow control. Our expertise is in manufacturing compact actuators capable of micro-positioning on miniature valves.

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