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About Hanbay

Established in 1986, Hanbay is a manufacturer of miniature electric valve actuators that can be customized for any application, in any industry.

Get The Control You Need

Hanbay’s electric valve actuators provide precise positioning, with the highest torque, resulting in accurate flow control. Our expertise is in manufacturing compact actuators capable of micro-positioning on miniature valves.


Established in 1986 and still going strong, Hanbay meticulously pays attention to every detail throughout the manufacturing process.


Type of Actuators

Hanbay’s cornerstone M-Series and R-Series actuators are versatile and built for all types of linear, open-close or multi-turn applications. The rugged R-Series is also available in a certified explosion proof enclosure. All Hanbay actuators can be matched with: needle, ball, globe, butterfly, metering, high-pressure and any other small valve available.


Customized Automation

After years of R&D, Hanbay approaches all unorthodox applications with critical and creative thinking. Hanbay’s customized actuators can be found in the following industries:


World Class Support

Hanbay experts are ready to guide you from quote to troubleshoot. Tools like the valve calculator will help you find the most efficient valve to match with our actuators.


Hanbay Expertise

Whether you need us to source a valve with our actuators or customize a mounting kit for your preferred valve; Hanbay is dedicated to solving your unique application needs.There isn’t a miniature valve that we can’t actuate.

Lead Time and Payment Terms

Standard lead time is 4 weeks. Lead time could be subject to change based on valve and parts availability. Payment methods: We accept cheques and wire transfers.

Hanbay Inc

Since 2004, Hanbay's advanced, precise and miniature valve actuators have modernized the electric valve actuator market. Today, Hanbay is at the forefront of the valve automation industry, manufacturing electric valve actuators that can be used in any application. Control any valve or pressure regulator with precise rotary or linear automation. Tell us about your valve application. We can automate anything. View ourproduct line.

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